With the launch and re-brand of the Mud Ice Gravel site we have an exciting a new way of finding all you favourite MIG products all in one place. With a whole new range of MIG clothing you may never have seen before. We are starting to expand our range and add new and exciting items to match our durable high quality existing products, such as our Mens Mig Plain t-shirt.



Our t-shirt range started as just our Plain MIG t-shirts, now we have the long sleeve alternatives as well as a whole new list of durable mens t-shirts including the new classic v-neck’s as well as the ultra cool range which is designed to keep you cool when it hot and humid environments.



Our MIG trouser range now includes Site King Trousers which offer great protection and durability just like the mens trousers by MIG, there is now a range of styles to choose from such as multi pocket, classic, knee pad and holster. As well as some new action trousers which offer great protection from our standard less heavy duty range.



At first we only sold Mens MIG fleece’s now we sell a whole range of MIG jackets, products like 3in1 bomber jackets, pilot jackets and Dundee lined jackets are part of the waterproof range we now stock. As well as these waterproof jackets we now stock hooded sweatshirts also known as hoodies as well as a new range of fleece’s.


Polo Shirts

We have added a whole new of high quality polo shirts that come in a range of colours and styles, made from a bunch of durable materials like cotton and polyester these poloshirt are designed to last. With new designs such as our sport poloshirt’s which are perfect for number of sporting activities, with a contrast design such as our contrast poloshirt’s.



These men’s shirts are a brand new addition to the Mud Ice Gravel site with a fresh new range specially design for work and leisure activities, with designs in both long and short sleeve there is a perfect shirt for your needs.



Our footwear range is currently a limited collection with more planned for the future, we currently stock a designs for both work and leisure. With the majority currently aimed at the Workwear market.



Our bag range has expanded with a whole new selection of holdalls that are perfect for the gym or other sporting activities. There is also a new range for hiking and general use with each being designed to be perfect for use in their selected environments, our new MIG rucksacks are a perfect back to school bag for young adults.



Our new MIG baseball caps are a super great buy because of their longevity and durability, available in a selection of colours such as black, blue, white and much more. Currently a limited range with more to come in the coming months.



Over the last few months our ladies MIG range has significantly increased with new trousers, t-shirts, polo shirts, cami tops and much more. With all the products in a range of colours and sizes the new ladies range is a perfect choice for all your work and leisure clothing.